Friday, September 5, 2008

The Anger Phase

I live on a reasonably busy street with a speed limit of 25mph. The average speed on my street is probably close to 40mph. This has been a sore point with my wife for some time. She delights in driving the speed limit and watching people slow down behind her. I always thought she was being a little silly and more than a little irritating. I figured just go with it, what is going to happen?

Well last Thursday I got a call from my wife saying Puck had gotten hit and I should meet them at the vet ASAP. By the time I got there, 4 miles, maybe 8 minutes, he was dead. He was my first dog and a little piece of the best of me went with him. Some ass hole with a case of beer in his front seat couldn't wait the extra 2 minutes it would take to go the speed limit and now my dog is dead.

It is almost exactly one mile from my house to the highway. My wife and I walk the dogs there and back, her more often than I. Usually I can count 10 or 12 empty alcoholic vessels on each side of the road, beer or cheep vodka. I work with 2 alcoholics, one who regularly brags about how drunk he was the other night when he drove home. Almost every street around me is narrow, hilly and windy, ie short sight lines. The posted speed limits are 25 to 35. The average speed is 40 – 50mph. Everyone I know has lost multiple pets to the road, thankfully no one I know has lost one of their children, but I am sure if I was here a little longer I could add that as well.

I hate this state. It is populated by drunks who have never been outside their county, never mind ever leaving this godforsaken state. Their entire world view encompasses at most a 20 mile radius. This doesn't even touch on the political or economic dysfunction of this state. I am moving to a new job in January and as soon as my wife finishes school we are moving away from here. This decision was made before Thursday but now I am even happier to get out of here.

Sorry for ranting, I try to be more positive here but I needed to get this off my chest. I am working on a little write up for him which I will try to post soon.

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