Thursday, May 22, 2008

Banner day at the farm

Today was a big day on the farm. For the first time this season we harvested more than 200 pallets in a day. Two hundred and three to be exact. That is a little more than 2 acres of sod. So far this year we have been harvesting 60 to 150 pallets a day. Things went well, but slow. The field I was in had some bad washouts, minor washouts and a couple of dry spots. This means I had to stop 3 to 5 times per run to skip over an area or clear out the scrap. My misery was written in scrap left in the field. The 203 pallets took 8 hours to harvest which is about 25 pallets per hour. On a long run in a good field I can harvest 40 - 45 pallets an hour.

The weather was interesting as well. The day started out cool and cloudy with the occasional spit of rain, after lunch we had hail and a couple of downpours broken up by moments of sun. Then at the end the sun came out and we had, for a moment, the most stunningly beautiful, cloudy, sunny, rainy, warm and windy 45 minutes. Then it rained some more.

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