Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Prayer For Rain, Answered

I farm in a little micro climate in Southern RI and today we got our first rain in almost 4 weeks. Now when I say rain, I don't mean fog or drizzle, I mean water, in droplet form falling from the sky. Every storm that has passed through our general area for the past month has passed us by. This area has some of the nicest non farming weather I know of. Even the “storm” we are having now is mostly passing us by. Yesterday we got .6 inches in the afternoon. Two miles north one of my coworkers got 2 inches. Today we got the rest of our inch and I have the afternoon off. I know I have not been posting very often, 13 hour days at work takes a little out of you. It is hard to keep 500 acres of grass green in the middle of summer. Bluegrass aka poa pratensis likes the cooler weather and tends to want to go brown in the summer. When it is not raining it is even harder.
I am happy to say I have seem to have fixed my sparrow problems. I have not had a die off in a month now. Two feeding stations and a new water bowl seemed to do the trick. I have 7 sparrows in it now, Once trapping season gets a little closer I will start keeping more at a time. I have given up trying to tie my own dho gaza for the time being and will be ordering one. The hood making is going well though.
Is anyone reading this? I know a couple of people who are, but I wonder if anyone else is. Drop a note in the comments section. Call me out for my spelling, or let me know if something I said made you think.

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Nathan said...

nope. I'm not reading it that's for sure!