Thursday, January 22, 2009


So a lot has happened since I wrote last and I am sorry to anyone who is still checking this blog. I am not very good at writing, and writing regularly is even harder for me.

I am now working in a new industry, aquaculture. I am raising largemouth bass and brown trout. The family farm, formerly devoted to sod is diversifying. We are looking at different grains to grow as cover crops, different long term crops to put on the land as well as fish. I am helping out with the fish and it is a challenge but a lot of fun as well.

Let me describe my farm, my parents own the land and run the business. We grow sod, barley wheat, hops and fish on some of the best farmland east of the Mississippi. We are on the Connecticut River flood plain. There is about 8ft of loam here and every inch of it is beautiful silty sandy loam. For the most part drainage is good and flooding has been an occasional problem. So much for the facts, I love this land. I grew up in the woods here, playing in the streams and in the fields. I know where the grouse nest, the deer yard and the coyotes den. I can a couple of different kinds of hawk nests in the trees. There is usually one oriel’s nest here and the bald eagles are common visitors. In the fall the cedar waxwings flock in the berry bushes and the ornamental fruit trees and in the summer the killdeer raise their young in the fields The farm is 250 acres of turf with 280 acres overall.

This land is where my soul is , where ever I am a little piece of me is still here.

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